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We provide marketing and winning strategy support for IT procurements in the USA with data and consulting services that close gaps in Medicaid, MMIS and MITA proposals.

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Our automated SaaS compliance suite, ReadyCert, provides quick and easy access and support to MITA, HITECH, NHSIA,  SAMHSA, NIST and other regulated activities.

Staff Augmentation & Services

EHR offers specialized and targeted Medicaid Enterprise and MITA training programs.
In addition, our Subject Matter Experts can  consult for any healthcare related project.

What can Electronic health resources
do for your enterprise?

EHR - Medicaid Information Technology experts

Using your data is just as important as creating your data.

Ensured Compliance

Our SaaS product suite ReadyCert ensures compliance with any type of Regulatory Framework for any IT system.

SMEs available

Our highly trained staff of Subject Matter Experts are available to consult in any US State or Territory for any Health and Human Services Enterprise project.

State and Vendor Compliance

Prove to your customers that your COTS products are compliant with Regulatory Frameworks by using ReadyCert.

Proposal Services

Use our dedicated Opportunity Support resources to ensure your next bid is a winner.

Marketing Services

Whether it's lobbying State Governments or arranging strategic partnerships, our industry insiders are on the cutting edge of Health and Human Services business.


Our Training programs ensure your staff has the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in Medicaid, MMIS, HITECH, NHSIA, NIST, SAMHSA and MITA.

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Our Leadership Team

Jordan Cooper
Director of Finance

Jordan is the cofounder and Director of Finance managing the HR, Staff Augmentation and Contracts for EHR. Contact him with questions regarding the company or to inquire about MMIS, MITA, or Medicaid SME resources for your current project and team.

Wayne Cooper
Executive Director

Wayne Cooper is our Founder and Executive Director in charge of pursuing new opportunities for EHR and our Clients. With a track record that consists of over 30 state MMIS Implementations and over 30 years of industry experience, Wayne is the best contact to have in Healthcare IT.

Barbara Cardone

Barbara runs the Training and Onboarding programs for ReadyCert. She is a client liason for User Acceptance Testing and leads our internal SDLC development sessions. 

Have a suggestion to make ReadyCert better? Email Barbara! 

Claire Bradt
Sales and Delivery

Claire is well known in the Medicaid Enterprise market. She is EHR's Team Leader and Sr. Project Manager for delivery of EHR products and services to our Clients. Email Claire directly to learn more about our Services and Product offerings.

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Every year during the holidays I am always reminded how important it is to share with others. I like to think that every time I share something, I get something in return. While it’s not the reason I do it, it is a natural consequence.