How to Build a "Best of Breed" Medicaid Enterprise

Monday, June 1, 2015

After two years of development, testing, and input from our State partners, Electronic Health Resources, LLC has released ReadyCert 3.0. This new product is designed to help States and Vendors navigate the complex requirements of the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) and facilitates the configuration of the elusive “Universal Medicaid Solution.”

Best Practices

For State users charged with MITA compliance, ReadyCert 3.0 makes easy work of the State Self-Assessment (SS-A) and intuitively leads the worker through the steps necessary to document the As-Is and To-Be conditions for each business process. The data captured in the SS-A is then automatically downloaded into the RFP which ensures that the goals for future enhancements are expressed as requirements during the procurement process.

After the RFP is released and Vendors have responded, States may review each technical proposal comparing and scoring each response by Business Area, Business Process, and MECT requirement. Upon award, ReadyCert 3.0 is used to perform deployment tracking, IV/V, and supports the PMO functions through our MS-Project interface. Using the same data throughout the process ensures that the goals set in the SS-A actually become reality.

Best of Breed

For companies who are interested in building a SOA-based, MITA compliant Medicaid Enterprise solutions, ReadyCert 3.0 provides the best practices from across the nation and makes the configuration of COTS components a manageable task. By normalizing the business processes from multiple State SS-A data and comparing COTS products from Vendors, a ReadyCert 3.0 user can drag and drop components into an architectural diagram, display the design, and document the solution automatically. All this is accomplished without additional programming.

To find out more about MITA and ReadyCert 3.0, visit our website at and click on ReadyCert. ReadyCert 3.0 is available for license, resell, or purchase.

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Wayne Cooper

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