Medicaid Directors, Children, and Minnows

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Like every proud grandparent, I think my grandchildren are the best. Last weekend, while fishing with our little three year old, Jane, we were playing the old game “what do they do”. I am sure you all have done this with a kid. I was explaining to Jane how the food chain works and I asked her “what does the shark do”? She replied “the shark eats the fish”. I then asked “what does the fish do”. She replied “eat the minnows”.  I then asked “what does the minnow do”. To my surprise she replied “a minnow’s got to do what a minnow’s got to do”. I was shocked.

After I got home I thought about what Jane had said and it occurred to me that this has some application to our efforts in the Medicaid industry. You see, sometimes Medicaid Directors must decide whether to hire contractors to perform functions like SS-As, APDs, RFPs, IV/V, PMO, and other tasks associated with modernization, or whether to perform the functions in-house.  Many times the Directors come to the conclusion that the Federal requirements for compliance are hard to understand, take far too much time, and the method for organizing all your thoughts into a usable format is confusing. But, just like the minnow, a Director “has to do what a Director has to do”.

At EHR we know that, using modern and intuitive software can make this decision a lot easier and a lot more cost effective. Unlike the “industry leaders” who come in, show you a process for collecting the data, and give reference to the many State clients they have, somehow hoping you say “well, they did the same for many States and they should know what they’re doing”, we at EHR have a different approach. We believe in technology. If you do your research, you’ll find that these contractors bank on the fact that, if you pay them enough, they can get Federal approval for your modernization plans. These contractors also know that the data they submit in your SS-A cannot be used in your APD, your RFP cannot be completed without help, and without reusing the data, they can keep you hooked.

The next time you consider hiring a contractor to advise you on your modernization plans, ask them to show you their software. Ask “how can we use this data to make our downstream activities more cost effective”? Chances are, they use spreadsheets. Imagine that, they are advising you on modernization and they, themselves, are stuck in yesterday. And, when they ask why you didn’t contract with them, just use the same, easy to understand language of my granddaughter and reply “a Director has to do what a Director has to do”.

That simple language may save you months of frustrating work and save your department millions. Don’t do compliance work without compliance software. Get ReadyCert and walk yourself through all your MITA, HITECH, NIST, NISHA, and SAMHSA compliance needs.And the best part is, you can reuse the data without paying for it over and over again!

Written by:
Wayne Cooper

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