Electronic Health resources services suite

From Staff Augmentation to Compliance Automation Software, our offerings add up to your success.

Opportunity Management

We provide marketing and winning strategy support for IT procurements in the USA with data and consulting services that close gaps in Health and Human Services proposals.


Our automated SaaS compliance suite, ReadyCert, provides quick and easy access and support to MITA, HITECH, NHSIA, HIPAA, SAMHSA, and other regulated activities.

Staff Augmentation & Services

EHR offers specialized access to needed resources to scale up a project quickly, enabling our clients to manage fluctuating needs and aggressive project timelines.  

Ensured Compliance

Our SaaS product suite ReadyCert ensures compliance with any type of Regulatory Framework for any IT system.

SMEs available

Our highly trained staff of Subject Matter Experts are available to consult in any US State or Territory for any Health and Human Services Enterprise project.

Vendor Compliance

Prove to your customers that your COTS products are compliant with Regulatory Frameworks by using ReadyCert.

Procurement Services

Use our dedicated Opportunity Support resources to write your next Request for Proposal or ensure your next bid response is a winner.

Marketing Services

Whether it's lobbying State Governments or arranging strategic partnerships, our industry insiders are on the cutting edge of Health and Human Services business.


Our Training programs ensure your staff has the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in Medicaid, MMIS, HITECH, NHSIA, SAMHSA and MITA.

Our Clients

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