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EHR is about family

Electronic Health Resources is about Family. It was founded in 2009 by Wayne and Jordan Cooper, Father and Son, seeking to provide valuable software and services in the Medicaid and Healthcare IT industry. Everyone who works at EHR and every one of our customers we consult for are treated like valued members of the EHR Family.

Our core values are: 

Be Customer Centric - Our success is only measured by the success of our customers.

Be Curious - Knowledge and Data are power. Cultivate a knowledge culture, share curiosities and data.

Be Collaborative - Every member strives to excel in the workplace, deliver results and contribute to the goals and objectives of the team.

our Team

Jordan Cooper
Director of Finance

Jordan is the cofounder and Director of Finance managing the HR, Staff Augmentation and Contracts for EHR. Contact him with questions regarding the company or to inquire about MMIS, MITA, or Medicaid SME resources for your current project and team.
Wayne Cooper
Executive Director

Wayne Cooper is our Founder and Executive Director in charge of pursuing new opportunities for EHR and our Clients. With a track record that consists of over 30 state MMIS Implementations and over 30 years of industry experience, Wayne is the best contact to have in Healthcare IT.
Claire Bradt
Sales and Delivery

Claire is well known in the Medicaid Enterprise market. She is EHR's Team Leader and Sr. Project Manager for delivery of EHR products and services to our Clients. Email Claire directly to learn more about our Services and Product offerings.
Barbara Cardone

Barbara runs the Training and Onboarding programs for ReadyCert. She is a client liason for User Acceptance Testing and leads our internal SDLC development sessions. 

Have a suggestion to make ReadyCert better? Email Barbara!