Meet the Electronic health resources team

EHR was founded in 2009 by Wayne and Jordan Cooper, father and son, to provide valuable software and services in the Medicaid, Healthcare IT and Defense industries. Located in Tallahassee, FL, we’ve partnered with companies large and small, both in the public and private sector to satisfy a range of needs that enable businesses to grow.  Our clients are the lifeblood of EHR – we inspire trust and respect by providing a world-class experience with every interaction.

our Team

Jordan Cooper
Director of Operations

JordanCooper is the cofounder and Director of Finance.  In his role, Jordan keep the EHR machine running smoothly.  While he may not be visible to our clients, Jordan is an active member of every client project, every staffing decision and in our sales efforts.
Wayne Cooper
Executive Director

Wayne Cooper is our Founder and Executive Director in charge of pursuing new opportunities for EHR and our clients. With a track record that consists of over 30 state MMIS Implementations and over 30 years of industry experience, Wayne’s progressive and actionable solutions inspire leaders and teams to do their very best work while making business impact.